Arkia brand also makes high quality hair products and is now available:

  • hair color (dye) and variations
  • bleaching powder in different blue and white variants
  • oxidants

Arkia brand makes high quality  hair products such as hair color,variation,bleaching powder and oxidants.As you may know, using the same brand at the same time,makes your hair color and style more sufficient . if you are one of those costumers who like to change their hair color,arkia brand has everything you need available in highest quality.

Healthy and succulent hair is an important beauty factor. Excessive use of hair gels or other products may affect your hair health during time.good news is to protect your hair against these factors,arkia brand makes various types of hair protection products:

  • arkia hair serum
  • arkia two phase lotion
  • arkia hair conditioner
  • arkia hair mask
  • arkia shampoo …
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Hair fixators are available in different types of product,such as gels,sprays or waxes.

Arkias different type of fixators are listed below:

  •  arkia normal spray
  • super normal spray
  • arkia hair glue

These fixators have special traits listed below:

  • long lasting strong fixator
  • shiny and glamorous hair
  • no dandruff

available for all type of hair

Arkia brand makes high quality products that prevents damaging your hair.


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Arkia brand as one of the ‘exirkadus’ subset companies, in order to maintain customer satisfaction, makes best quality deodorants with variety of scents suitable for each season. This product doesn’t affect sweating procedures, as it may be very unhealthy to interfere with. Sweating is a normal body process that can be controlled by observing personal hygiene and using arkia deodorant roll.

This product has enormous effect on softness of the skin by utilizing traits of aloe-vera.

You will enjoy the pure scent of product, alongside of  keeping your body healthy by choosing arkia deodorant.

Arkia brand also makes nail products listed below:

  • nail polish
  • matt nail polish
  • nail polish remover


Arkia’s nail polish,alongside of having various colors available and no fragility, stands still on your nail for a long time. this product is formulated by a French company named Fiabila and is out in the market with the highest quality. As you may know,by improving fashion, matt nail polishes have more fan than regular ones nowadays,but by using a nail polish matt-er,in comparison of buying a matt nail polish in different colors,its much more cost-effective.

Arkia brand in order to maintain costumer satisfaction, produces  its nail polish removers with the highest quality to prevent allergy and yellow effect on nails,by removing the nail polish completely.

Exirkadus is one of the oldest brands working in the field of cosmetics and beauty in Iran. This company using its two decade experience and adherence of quality, succeeded its goal to become the biggest brand of cosmetics and beauty in Iran, comparable to different brands worldwide.

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Factory Address : Eshtihard Industrial park , No.240

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