Hair color products

These products contain hair colors(dyes),oxidants and bleaching powders.

Base brand uses containments in its products that plus changing your hair color helps reinforcing your hair. Using the products of the same brand helps your hair color to be closer to your imagination and be more stable,therefore the outcome would be more satisfying. You can also choose your oxidant with your hair color from the base brand.

Hair hygiene products

All natural and organic material is used in producing Base hair conditioner,thus,these compounds hydrate hair and supply required moisture;so continuous use of product wont affect your hairs softness.

Base shampoo is a decent product for people who want a luster shiny hair alongside of having a natural color. This product is available in 200ml bottles.

Hair strengthening products

By using base hair strengthening products,in addition to preserve your hair health,helps your hair to keep its style easier.base brand uses keratin and vitamin E in producing the product which makes it very effective in repairing damaged hair,plus,product guarantee’s no whites and no dandruff on your hair.


Hair fixator products

Thus the excessive use of chemical products damages hair texture,use of good famous and eco friendly brands is very important.Base brand uses the highest quality of raw material,making it harmless for your hair.

Cosmetic products

Base brand uses vitamin E in its products. vitamin E is a fat soluble nourishing that helps skin look young. By aging,the amount of vitamin E reduces in the body,makes the skin look old so using vitamin E based cosmetic products helps on making your sking look young,soft ad healthy.

Lip cosmetic products

Base lip cosmetics are in form of lip pallet and lipsticks. Base lip pallets have various choice of colors, therefore it can be decent choice for makeup artists and hair saloons. Base lipsticks are available in liquid and rigid form and due to its various colors available,can satisfy each and every taste.all these products have extreme covering power and can easily cover your lips for hours.

Nail polish products

Base nail polish is made in two types of regular and shiny which covers more than 70 colors each;makes it a perfect choice for every taste.

Face and body hair remover products

Different types of base hair removers are listed below:

.base hair removing wax in disks

.base hair remover warm wax

.base hair remover crème

Base hair remover crème contains aloe-vera which makes skin look soft and young after use.base hair remover wax is made by eco friendly natural formula and contains olive oil that helps your skin to preserve its moist and softness. Base brand has made its hair removers in two types of disks that is suitable for face and warm wax which is suitable for body hair removal.

Exirkadus is one of the oldest brands working in the field of cosmetics and beauty in Iran. This company using its two decade experience and adherence of quality, succeeded its goal to become the biggest brand of cosmetics and beauty in Iran, comparable to different brands worldwide.

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