Kalyon’s hair color,oxidant and bleaching powder

With our complete hair color,oxidant and bleaching powder you will experience the most beautiful colors on your hair. This product is made of best quality raw material to make your hair catch natural color and is compatible with your head skin. By using this complete package gift your hair a natural soft succulent look.

kalyon hair mask

You can return succulent and beauty to your hair using calion hair mask. Using its unique compounds,calion hair mask helps rebuilding your hair texture and moisturizes them.You can give your hair brilliance glow and enjoy having soft glossy hair using the calion hair mask.

kalyon hair serum

kalyon hair serum gives you a new look and with its anti-frizz feature helps you change your appearance. if you have dry hair,kalyon hair serum provides its moist and gifts it a nice glossy look. Components inside this product help repairing damaged stems and aliments your hair.

Kalyon fixators (gel,wax and spray)

Kalyon’s gel,wax and hair sparys are the best product to use for changing your looks.

use of this product gives you a succulent glossy look and and you can enjoy its long lasting effect on your hair. Kalyon’s hair fixators come in different amounts that makes them suitable for men and women hair saloons.

Exirkadus is one of the oldest brands working in the field of cosmetics and beauty in Iran. This company using its two decade experience and adherence of quality, succeeded its goal to become the biggest brand of cosmetics and beauty in Iran, comparable to different brands worldwide.

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