Tacori products collection

Tacori is to be known as the newest subset brand of ExirKadus company.this new establishment only works in hair cosmetics field professionally.

Tacori hair color

Tacori hair color has a various color scheme which makes it very good choice for everyone who want to not only change their hair color,but to change their looks by choosing different colors. As you may know,different hair color makes your age to look different,so by choosing wisely this product helps you to experience a new look.

Tacori oxidant

Tacori brand only makes high quality 6% and 9% oxidants(or type A or B) that comes in 180ml tubes,makes it a wise choice for home and hair saloon uses . you can choose one of the products depending on your need and use it to fix the color your heart desires. Tacori brand is also like other subsets of ExirKadus,only using finest material and putting customer satisfaction its highest priority.

Tacori bleaching powder

Tacori bleaching powder uses the highest quality raw material which prevents damaging your hair.this product is available in 6%,9% and 12%and the availability of the product in fair amounts makes it suitable for hair saloons.

Exirkadus is one of the oldest brands working in the field of cosmetics and beauty in Iran. This company using its two decade experience and adherence of quality, succeeded its goal to become the biggest brand of cosmetics and beauty in Iran, comparable to different brands worldwide.

Central office Address : Tehran ,Mirdamad blvd ,Aqazadeh-Fard St , No.3

Factory Address : Eshtihard Industrial park , No.240

7 - 22269841 - 021

Fax : 22269847 (9)

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