Argan oil

The compounds inside Vina’s argan oil protects the skin against sun’s UV rays. It also contains anti-oxidants which controls the fat and prevents the skin from rashes and acnes.

Hair mask

To choose your Vina’s hair mask,first you should know your hair type. These products are made in five different types for different hair. Use of the proper hair mask deeply effects your hair to be healthy and succulent. Some of this masks traits are as follows:including washable nourishing moisturizers and etc.


Vina’s brand as one of the well known subset brands of ExirKadus company,produces its products in two types of stabilizer and carbon based. Vina’s carbon based shampoo is anti red and anti yellow and its suitable for colored hair. Vina’s stabilizer shampoo helps to stabilize dyed hair color. High density compounds of this shampoo cleans your hair from root to its stem and a small amount of this shampoo gives you a sharp clean look. As you know environmental pollution can affect your hair’s beauty and health.

Two phase spray

Vina’s two phase hair spray protects your hair from high temperature that moderator accessories make,by putting a layer of protector on your hair’s stem. this product also has high moisturizing power due to its nourishing containments and helps repairing damaged hair. Compounds inside this spray wont leave traces of fat on your stem,therefore it doesnt need to be washed, also it contains traces of keratin so will help repairing damaged hair.

Thermal protection spray

Vina’s thermal protection spray alongside of protecting your hair,also helps repairing your damaged hair.powerful hydrating of this product makes it a special product that prevents hair from splits, fragility , burning and frizz.

Hair serum

Vina’s hair serum by having nourishing compounds is suitable for healthy and damaged hair. Its moisturizing traits makes it to prevent stem from frizz and splits. Some of its special traits are listed below: .hair style stabilizer .nourishing .repair and revitalize .moisturizer .prevent split ends and anti-frizz

Bleaching powder

Vina’s bleaching powder is formulated by an Italian company named HUWELL and because of its unique formula,it will attraction and beauty of your hair.Vina’s brand uses hydrolyzed protein from wheat and is made to give you your desired hairstyle. This compound is healthy for hair roots and prevents damages to hair’s texture.


Vina’s brand such as all other subset brands of exir kadus,puts the priority of customer satisfaction before everything so you can safely buy from this brand and enjoy your soft and succulent hair.


All types of Vina’s oxidants are listed below: .Oxidants no. 0.5/1/2/3 .anti red oxidants .botanical oxidants .red oxidant / anti green These products are made in different quantities and higher quantities are suitable for hair saloons

Hair fixator

Vina’s brand as one of the subsets of exirkadus company,makes it fixators in different variants such as normal spray,super strong spray,super spray and hair glue. You can have any hairstyle using this products.