Jevo hair conditioner

Jevo brand in order to achieve the best consumer health care , uses natural raw material in their products. Alongside of all the positive traits , affordable prices on this product also makes it useful in hair saloons. Jevo hair conditioner is available in 4litre amounts on the market. You can experience having soft and succulent hair by choosing this product.


Jevo silver shampoo

Jevo shampoo has an enormous effect on eradicating the yellow hair color after dying your hair, using blue pigment in its compound. This product not only makes your hair dye more stable,also makes your hair lucid and glow. This shampoo is made in 200 ml amounts and available in markets. This product is a wise choice for use in hair saloons thus to its fair prices.

Jevo hair color (variation)

Jevo brand uses vitamin C in raw material compounds of the product,that is one of the most effective vitamins available for reinforcing the roots and hair growth. It also prevents hair loss and helps on curing hair leprosy. Added to sum,use of keratin in its compounds makes this product to have positive effect on your hair’s health and softness.

Jevo hair color (hair dye)

Jevo’s hair color is made by the best raw material in order to keep your hair healthy.

Jevo brand,such as all other ‘exirkadus’ subset companies, has always tried to use the best natural compounds in their products.

Some of its positive attributes are as follows:

  • contains vitamin C
  • low ammoniac
  • preventing dry hair
  • protecting hair moisture
  • ability to combine with oxidant on 1:1/5 and etc

Jevo Eyebrow dye(color)

Vitamin C and keratin is used in jevo eyebrow’s compounds. Vitamin C counts as the strongest hair regenerators and because of securing collagen, helps the eyebrows to grow. Also using keratin as a natural protein available in hair,makes users of this product to have strong glamorous eyebrows.

Jevo’s hair super spray

Jevo’s hair super spray affects hair stance heavily and maintains its style for long hours. Also use of this products makes your hair glow.

Jevo’s transparent hair wax

Jevo’s transparent hair mask holds the hair style for long hours due to its high consolidation. Because of using high quality containments,this product leaves no dandruff and makes your hair look denser.

Jevo’s oxidants

Jevo’s brand as one of the ‘exirkadus’ subset companies,makes different oxidants with 6%,9% and 12% (purity),anti red and available in 150ml,750ml and 4litre,fair prices alongside of high quantity makes it good for use in hair saloons.

Exirkadus is one of the oldest brands working in the field of cosmetics and beauty in Iran. This company using its two decade experience and adherence of quality, succeeded its goal to become the biggest brand of cosmetics and beauty in Iran, comparable to different brands worldwide.

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